Clément Dupont Faculté des Sciences
Campus de la Plaine - CP 224
Boulevard du Triomphe, ACC.2
1050 Bruxelles

Research activities

Clement's research thesis explores using solitons produced by an optical parametric oscillator in a (semi-)fibered cavity. It has a wide scope, covering applications like random number generation and the Ising machine, which resolves optimization problems by modeling spin network evolution. Specifically, it targets NP-complete problems characterized by an exponential number of possible solutions to the problem on input data quantity. Understanding interactions between solitons of different phases is crucial in simplifying these problems.

Teaching activities

PHYS-F110 : Physique générale II (TP) (modifié)


Clement Dupont received a master degree at the University of Namur in 2022. He realized his master thesis in the Research Unit Lasers and Spectroscopies, on the investigation of weak measurement in the quantum paradox. 
In November of the same year, Clement joined OPERA-photonique and the Quantum Information Laboratory, under the direction of Serge Massar.





Updated on November 15, 2023