Nonlinear Photonics

Our group studies nonlinear light-matter interactions in advanced integrated platforms and novel materials such as graphene. 

Quantum optics

The quantum optics team focuses on photonics integrated circuits complemented with highly nonlinear to develop single photon sources, single photon detectors, to frequency shift single photons and to manipulate two-photon states.


We uses nonlinear interactions to improve microscopy imaging and develop photonic techniques to stimulate and probe the neuronal activity.  


Frequency Combs and Optical Patterns

We investigate, both experimentally and theoretically the dynamics and the formation of temporal dissipative structures in optical nonlinear passive and active resonators.

Photonic Computing

The OPERA-photonic lab is involved in the development of original solutions for ultra-fast information processing in the context of artificial intelligence by applying bio-inspired computation paradigm.

Structured Light
Light pulses can be structured in space, time, in polarization and via spatial phase singularities (vortex beams). Such structured pulses have great fundamental interest and practical application.

Updated on August 4, 2022