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Nonlinear interactions in nanowaveguides

Nonlinear interactions in nanowaveguides

guides have recently had a huge impact on the field of nonlinear optics. The strong light-matter interactions that arises from the high-confinement of light in nanowaveguides on chip allows for ultra-low threshold nonlinear interactions.Nanowave

At Bright, we focus on the integration of highly nonlinear materials (III/V’s, 2D materials,…) conventional silicon or silicon nitride platforms to make scalable platforms for nonlinear optical interactions.

In particular, we demonstrated modulation instability low-power supercontinuum generation, soliton fission, analogs of event, frequency converters and frequency comb generation. Picture: Scanning electron microscope image of a gallium phosphide-on-insulator ring resonator.


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Updated on February 5, 2022